Neymar recently struggled with an ankle sprain in the match between PSG and Olympique Lyonnais, but he is reported to be ready for the upcoming showcase against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

It was in the shirt of Barcelona that Neymar won his first and only UCL trophy (2015), and the player will come back to Camp Nou stadium next year in order to face his former club.

However, the Brazilian striker could have stood out for this display if the injury he suffered in the match against Lyonnais was worse. A powerful but thrash tackle from Brazilian Thiago Mendes of Lyonnais made Neymar’s ankle suffer from a sprain. He was diagnosed that could have sat out for 3 months but luckily has recovered much faster than the expectation.

On his Twitter, Neymar said thank you to God that his ankle was not suffering the worst pain at all.

“It could have been worse, but once more, God has saved me from something serious. Now I want to recover and return as soon as possible,” Neymar wrote.

As Neymar struggled with the injury, PSG lost in the match against Olympique Lyonnais and let the opponent took the second place on the fixture. Lille also got advantage from the injury of Neymar and the defeat of PSG as they claimed to the top spot of Ligue One.

Neymar was in terrible pain after the tackle of Thiago Mendes. Photo: AFP

About the fixture against Barcelona and PSG, Neymar has not said anything about it yet, but it would be a mixed-feeling experience as the Brazilian made it back to Camp Nou stadium and face the club that he used to love the most.

Neymar won his only UCL trophy in the shirt of Barcelona, and absolutely, it is still the best club that Neymar has played for so far.

In the upcoming weeks, the striker might have something to say about his former club.


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