Juice Wrld’s legacy continues to create an impact, and absolutely, his death is not meaningless. Until now, his Spotify account still receives streaming worldwide.

It is almost surreal to be convinced that Juice Wrld has passed away, but definitely, his life was not wasted at all. Juice Wrld’s legacy continues to create an impact on the next generation of hip-hop and rap singers. And though the singer was criticized for overdosing drugs consumption, his music is motivative to his listeners.

Jarad Anthony Higgins, aka Juice Wrld, is a former rap and hip-hop singer living in Chicago, Illinois. He is the owner of a Spotify account that has more than 5 billion of streamings worldwirde. The singer made his debut in 2018 when he sang a song named  “Lucid Dreams.” It was a perfect introduction of him and his musical style. The combination of his voice and Nick Mira’s beat helped him be identified as an “emo rapper” likely to XXXTentacion and Lil Peep.

Throughout his short career, Juice Wrld also created some big projects such as Goodbye and Good Riddance which received RIAA Certified Platinum. He is also the owner of hits like “All Girls Are The Same,” “Armed and Dangerous” and “Lean wit Me.” He also collaborated with rapper Future in the project World on Drugs published in 2018. The final album of Juice Wrld was the Death Race for Love (2019). That album helped the singer stood on the top of Billboard 200 in a long time.

Portrait of a legend: Juice Wrld.

In 2020, fans of Juice Wrld luckily received a gift from the former singer. The album Legends never die of Juice Wrld was finally released, and so far, it was the only posthumous album of the former singer. 17 of 22 songs in that album made it to the Billboard 100 in only a week. That record has only done by Drake and the Beatles beforehand.

However, some fans critiqued that those tracks in Juice Wrld posthumous album contained filler tracks, and it is kind of insincere to the former singer.

In January 2020, the reporter confirmed that Juice Wrld did not just work on Legends never die but he has been working on 2,000 tracks. Some of these tracks were spoiled on Soundcloud and immediately became a hit on the platform. Until now, Soundcloud is the only music streaming platform that contains most of Juice Wrld new hits.

Juice Wrld in a live performance.

Among tracks that were leaked on Soundcloud, “RUNNAWAY FREESTYLE”, “Purple Moncler”, and “London Tipton” are the three shinning musketeers. Some of Juice Wrld tracks even made its way to TikTok platform such as “Let Me Know” and “moonlight.”

Juice Wrld music is aggressive, flexing, and to some extent – way too freestyle to understand. However, it is how he convinces his listeners to click on the streaming button on the streaming platform. That is how a legend like Juice Wrld has been born.

Absolutely, fans of Juice Wrld got such a strange year passed by without their idols. The singer passed away, but there are still plenty of songs that he could not make it to the world. Legends never die album is the only posthumous album of the singer, and hopefully, it is not the last one. At least, a legend like Juice Wrld will never die.


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