Lady Gaga (AFP-Yonhap News)

Pop star Lady Gaga, who appeared at the inauguration ceremony of US President Joe Biden on the 20th (local time), drew attention at once with a large golden pigeon-shaped brooch.

The brooch, which resembled a dove flapping its wings with an olive branch in its mouth, stood out in contrast to the black top.

Lady Gaga, who has always attracted attention with her unique attire, wore a pigeon brooch to meet President Biden’s inauguration ceremony and appealed for peace to the United States, which had suffered severe division and confrontation.

As Lady Gaga sang the American nation, the atmosphere quickly became quiet. Just two weeks ago, the presidential inauguration ceremony resonated at the scene where supporters of President Donald Trump broke in and trampled on democracy.

Lady Gaga has strongly supported President Biden. Even in the campaign just before the presidential election, he and Biden appeared on the stage and appealed for support.

The popular American country singer Gas Brooks sang the hymn’Amazing Grace’.

While singing, he recommended that not only the attendees of the inauguration ceremony but also those watching the inauguration broadcast at home or at work, become one and sing together. Republican Brooks chose Amazing Grace as a song that contained the message of harmony while performing in the inauguration ceremony of the Democratic President.

Amazing Grace is a song that remains deeply in the minds of Americans as a scene where the then-president Barack Obama gave a memorial speech at a memorial service for the black church firearms incident in June 2015, while calling for harmony.

At the time, the American media praised it as being the best moment during Obama’s tenure. In the face of the tragedy in which many innocent black people were sacrificed in white hate crimes, the first black president of the United States himself advocated Amazing Grace and called for an end to division and harmony.

Another pop star Jennifer Lopez came out wearing a white Chanel costume and made a celebration stage with the songs’Beautiful America’ and’This Land is Your Land’.

They celebrated President Biden’s inauguration by choosing songs familiar to Americans with patriotic lyrics.

López, a Latino, even cried out in Spanish,’Justice to all!’ Some of the oaths to the flag were shouted in Spanish, Fox News said. ()

Source: Yunhap News)


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