Chelsea‘s Jorginho received the MVP award of the match against Tottenham last night as he was the only goal scorer of the London derby.

It was not an easy game at all for Chelsea opposing Tottenham. The Blues controlled the first half of this match, had some good set pieces and got a goal thanks to a penalty kick from Jorginho who later on received the MVP award for his performance against Spurs. But Spurs didn’t give up easily. They countered in the second half, threw towards the goal of Chelsea some decent challenges, but the blue side stood still in the end.

Thomas Tuchel got some good plans and adjustments in order to secure the victory, and he with his lads did it, grabbed three points ultimately.

The Blues had good intention ahead this match from the very first whistle. Good tempo was maintained by Chelsea throughout the match, and thankfully, that attempt of Chelsea brought them an early goal. Tuchel could be proud of his third clean sheets match with Chelsea. However, the Blues could actually score more and get for themselves an even more impressive winning.

Spurs had some pressure on them in the second half, but Chelsea should also blame on themselves for wasting their chances.

Jorginho received the MVP award for his performance against Tottenham last night
Jorginho had a good performance against Spurs.

About the ratings, Jorginho of Chelsea definitely is the man of the match as he scored the only goal of this game and controlled the tempo of Chelsea fairly well. Throughout this match, Jorginho has performed quite decently, kept the ball around well, and created some good opportunity for his teammates.

Mason Mount also had for himself an outstanding display. The young Englishman was central of Chelsea attacking, and if was not because of Hugo Lloris, Mount could score for himself a goal.

In general, it was a good match for Chelsea. The whole club did fairly well in the London derby and jumped into top 6 of English Premier League table.


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