The former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, is struggling badly with health complications at this moment, including cancer.

Jimmy Carter admitted that he struggled badly with health issue including cancer. The 39th president of the United States is the longest-lived president of the nation. He served the presidential chair of the U.S. from 1977 to 1981. Though Carter is the longest-lived president of the nation, he suffered from complications of health issue recently. He is 96 year old right now, and his wife, Rosalynn, is 93.

Carter confirmed that he could not attend the ceremony of new president Joe Biden due to complication of health issue. It is the first time he missed a president ceremony since 1977.

The Carters said that during the global pandemic time, they mostly stayed at home in Plains, Georgia. They returned to Georgia after leaving the White House.

About his cancer, Carter was reported to have undergone several immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab and radiotherapy. He was born into a family that has deep bond to cancer. His parents and his other family members also struggle with the disease. He revealed that in 2016, he thought he could have already passed away because of cancer.

Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter is struggling with several severe health complication right now.

A year ago, I didn’t think I was going to live but two or three weeks because they had already removed part of my liver because I had cancer there.

After that, when they did an MRI, they found four cancer places in my brain so I thought I just had a few weeks to live.

Carter said.

Luckily, Carter still survives until today. Besides cancer, Carter suffered from another pains including broken hip and injured forehead. In 2019, Carter reminded about the broken hip accident that he has wrestled with. He said that he few down from out of nowhere and broke his left hip. Carter described that he almost had to learn how to walk again.

I’m learning how to walk again, and so my actual movements are restrained a little bit. But I’m still active mentally and get involved in the Carter Center affairs when I’m needed.

Carter said.

Also in 2019, Carter had to go through brain surgery for relieving a pressure on his brain cells. The surgery went fairly well and thanks to that, Carter is still surviving.


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