J-League probably is one of the most secured competitions in the soccer world, but it is not the case of their Facebook site which was earlier hacked by a Vietnamese hacker.

It is all fixed for now, but the Facebook site of J-League was hacked by a Vietnamese hacker at 4 p.m (local time). Specifically, the fan page of J-League was “visited” by a Vietnamese hacker, and instead of content about soccer, the whole page was swept through by numerous amount of Livestream posts. Ironically, most of these Livestream posts are about shirt sellings and irrelevant to soccer at all.

The problem remains for about 30 minutes before being stopped by the net security team of J-League.

Though the problem was solved, this incident once again proved the trickiness of Vietnamese hackers and every page around the world should be careful with them. Such a secured page like J-League was attacked and shut down in seconds. No content about soccer is able to be seen, instead of it, followers had a page that fulfilled with sexy girls live streaming selling their clothes on Facebook.

Information about the Vietnamese hacker who hacked the J-League page was mysterious, but whoever he is, this guy is so deceptive and smart at the same time.

Below is more pictures about the incident.

“I am pregnant and need money for my labor work,” the lady wrote her status. She advertised that all of her clothes are 199 thousand Vietnam Dong. This post are in the top site of J-League page.
This lady also advertised that all her clothes are at one same price: 99 thousand Vietnam Dong. She added that she was selling made-in-Guangzhou clothes.
These other ones solely were selling clothes, why this lady advertised fat-burning pants. She dressed in sexy shirt and a fat-burning pants.
It is still the girl above …


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