Google is helping Ukraine, and it’s through a new app development that would focus on “Air Raid” alerts that would be available on the Android phones on demand. The warnings would give users a real-time update from the Ukrainian government, which Google would use to give those with the app the information they need.

Google: Help Ukraine with ‘Air Raid’ warning via Android app

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Google’s Kent Walker has updated the company’s blog post on “Helping Ukraine” to include the “Air Raid” alert application for Android and other features. The new app would soon work with the Ukrainian government to give users the warnings they need about the various threats coming into the country, mainly above ground.

In times of conflict, massive threats rise from the ground, but unexpected events can occur in the air that the public may not see coming. The new feature would help people know if there are any possible events in the sky, even if it only inspects planes from the other country.

The aid will work with the Ukrainian government to deliver the updates, with Google delivering them personally to users through the app.

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Google’s Help for Ukraine and other features

Apart from Google’s Air Raid alert app, the company also has several points of interest for its assistance to Ukraine and the current situation. Google’s Threat Assessment Group (TAG) has detailed new research into the country’s security disputes, particularly in the technology and computing landscape that is one of the focuses of the current conflict.

Other features include the company profile which gives an idea of ​​places that provide help or assistance to those who need it, including refugees.

Ukraine’s help received from companies

Ukraine is currently in huge trouble, and that’s because of the tension it experienced with neighboring Russia when the crisis erupted in early 2022. The government has declared martial law as it felt the need for an iron hand, with the Central Bank restricting citizens’ digital money transfers under the declaration.

The Big Tech companies are now focusing on helping Ukraine by providing services and stopping various sales or availability of their technology to Russia. One example is Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink which has shipped more terminals and satellite dishes that will make the internet service widely accessible to the country, even with its power shortage issues.

Google may also expand its capabilities and technology to Ukraine, in addition to Meta, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, and more. The new Air Raid Alerts app is a huge help to the Ukrainians as it would give them various alerts about an imminent threat, as well as peace of mind if tips don’t come from the app.

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