Gojek Vietnam also launched a range of new features to enhance the customer experience for customers, driver partners and restaurant owners.

200.000 driver partners milestone

Gojek – Southeast Asia on-demand mobile service platform, announced that it has reached 200.000 motorcycle driver partners in Vietnam.

Gojek Vietnam is currently connecting millions of users in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi through passenger service (GoRide), delivery (GoSend) and online food delivery (GoFood). This milestone demonstrates Gojek’s response to the changing needs of the growing number of users as well as thousands of new restaurants joining GoFood in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.

gojek vietnam 200000 driver partners milestone times24h
(Credit: Gojek Vietnam)

New features for customers, driver partners and restaurant owners

Gojek officially launched its application in Vietnam in August 2020, replacing its predecessor, GoViet. Since then, Gojek has added a series of new features to enhance the user experience for customers, driver partners and restaurant owners.

For customers, Gojek has launched features such as “Suggest nearby locations”, “Share photos”, “Save familiar addresses”, “Share GoSend order information” in order to bring more convenience to customers, avoid confusion and errors in the communication process between customers and drivers.

In addition, Gojek also added new features to improve the safety of customers during the GoRide trip, such as “Share trip information”, “Urgent help request” and “Trip report” in order to create conditions for customers to reflect the quality of the driver’s service.

For driver partners, Gojek has implemented new features in GoPartners – an application exclusively for driver partners, to further enhance customer safety and a comprehensive experience for driver partners. These features include: Facial recognition to verify the identity of the driver partner, and the “Customer review” feature, which gives driver partners a chance to share their feedback when they think the customer’s review is not objective.

For restaurants, Gojek recently launched GoBiz – an application to help restaurant partners manage and develop their business. This application includes many features to optimize online food delivery, enhance user experience, and simplify sales management. Restaurant owners can use the app to track orders and manage order performance so that they can make timely adjustments to stock and staff to increase sales.

Gojek is also one of the first online food delivery applications to launch an online registration page for restaurant owners who want to operate on the GoFood platform, simplifying the entire registration process, reducing time from registration to active on GoFood from a few months down to 10 – 14 days.


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