New Year’s party held in an empty warehouse in Lieuron, Brittany, France (AFP-Alliance)

Penalties were imposed on people who gathered in a large warehouse in a rural village in France and held a New Year’s party after breaking the curfew.

On the 2nd (local time), according to foreign media such as the Associated Press, the French police arrested 7 people, including 2 leaders, of those who attended the New Year’s party held in an empty warehouse in Lieuron, Brittany on the 31st of last month The people were fined.

Of the 1,200 people who were fined for negligence, 800 were not wearing masks and violating the curfew, and the remaining 400 were holders of prohibited drugs.

In France, a penalty of at least 135 euros (180,000 won) is imposed for violations of corona 19 quarantine measures or curfew.

This secret party, held on the last day of 2020, attracted over 2,500 people from all over the country, and most of the participants enjoyed the party without wearing masks.

In the video reported by the local media, no one wearing a mask could be found, and everyone was dancing mindlessly with a bottle of alcohol in one hand.

When the dispatched police hit the scene, some threw stones at the police, while others set the patrol car on fire.

The police managed to disband it only on the morning of the 2nd, 36 hours after the party started.

The French government has gradually eased the restrictions on movement of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) that fell across the country on October 30 last year, and has been banned from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am on the following day from December 15.

The health authorities said that the party attendees are likely to spread the corona 19 virus, and asked them to self-isolate for a week and then undergo a corona 19 diagnostic test.

The cumulative corona 19 confirmed in France is more than 260,000, and the death toll reaches 64,000,921. ()

Source: Yunhap News)


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