Boxing Day has been a tradition of the English Premier League, and this year, the celebration will be fulfilled with some outstanding displays.

English Premier League usually has its Boxing Day on Dec. 26th each year, and this year is not the exception. Boxing Day will occur as usual and like the previous year, we will have some outstanding matches for the special day of the English Premier League.

From Dec. 26th until January. 1st, English Premier League will have 3 rounds played in a row. That intense routine has once again been repeated, but this time, the intensity might be leveled. COVID-19 changed everything in the year 2020, including soccer, and like other things, the English Premier League in the season 2020-2021 has changed rapidly. 

Instead of having about 3 months of resting, the whole league only has one month of resting before restarting the league. 

But English Premier League on Boxing Day is still at a different level. Let’s call out some most outstanding ones. 

Leicester City and Manchester United

The battle of the modern-day statute and the good-old-days figure?

Leicester City has won the Premier League of the season 2015-2016 while the last time Manchester United won the national trophy was since 2013. 

Sir Alex Ferguson was the one who helped Manchester United accomplish the task. Sadly, it is just history. Manchester United is no longer their best version since 2013, and any club can be a big threat for the Red Devils.

Leicester City definitely has a good chance to have 3 points on Boxing Day. Good tactics combined with reasonable strategy can help the Foxes avoid a loss against Manchester United. 

Theoretically, Manchester United is still able to achieve three points, but it is not going to be an easy task. Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Mason Greenwood, and Bruno Fernandes will have a tough day working and finding a way to the back of the net of Leicester. 

The defender of Red Devils can be shaken badly by the speed of Harvey Barnes and the smart vision of James Maddison. And lastly, their midfield will probably struggle with the consolidation of Leicester City’s midfield. 

Perhaps, it is going to be one of the most following matches of Boxing Day. 

Manchester United and Leicester City will be a tough fight. Photo: AFP

Arsenal and Chelsea

Though the match does not happen exactly on Boxing Day, Arsenal and Chelsea still will be the most following match of the night. The history between two team and the local rivalry makes Arsenal and Chelsea become a must-watch game of Boxing Day. 

Arsenal is right now ranked at the 15th position while Chelsea is in the 7th position. It is not simply a local derby but more about a game that both team has to earn 3 points.

Mikel Arteta and Frank Lampard both have to prove their value and show their class in the local rival match. 

A tough fight is irresistible. 

Chelsea and Arsenal are among the must-watch game of Boxing Day. Photo: AFP

Fulham and Southampton

Some people might argue about this, but Southampton and Fulham will be worth your waiting. The Saints is currently in the top 3 of the English Premier League and ready for any challenge. 

But Fulham is in dangerous spot and they are finding their way out from the darkness. Scott Parker and his lads observed some brighter results recently, but it is not enough to convince that they good day of Fulham is anywhere near them. 

Three points in the display against Southampton is the ultimate goal, and Fulham has to do everything for it. 

Absolutely, the Saints will not go to Boxing Day for a loss and we will expect a strangely attractive showcase. 

Southampton and Fulham in an FA Cup match. Photo: AFP

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