According to AP, the majority of Spain’s regional leaders agreed to the new emergency and the purpose of the meeting on October 25 to study the terms.

The state of emergency allows the government to temporarily limit fundamental freedoms guaranteed in the Spanish Constitution such as freedom of movement.

The Government of Spain has declared two states of emergency before.
The Government of Spain has declared two states of emergency before.

The emergency was first declared in March with restriction on going out, closing stores and recruiting private industries for the nationwide public health war. This emergency was lifted in June.

A second two-week emergency in Madrid with the imposition of a restriction on mobility to prevent an outbreak as cases of COVID-19 at that time increased exponentially. . The emergency ended on October 24.

Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa said authorities were studying the nightly curfew, which could be similar to the curfew that took place in major French cities in the past. .

Government officials at all levels are doing their best to avoid a blockade, leading to a lot of economic damage in the wake of a recession in the country’s economy and rising unemployment. skyrocketing in recent months.

This week, Spain became the first European country to overcome 1 million cases of COVID-19. However, Prime Minister Sanchez admitted in a speech on national television on June 23 that the real number could be more than 3 million, due to gaps in testing and other factors.


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