CD Red Projekt is experiencing stock dropping since their product CyberPunk 2077 has been removed from the PlayStation App Store.

CD Red Projekt did well in terms of promoting their product and made CyberPunk 2077 become a global phenomenon. Despite the outstanding pre-launching campaign, CyberPunk 2077 so far disappointed most gamers with bugs and lagging connection. Sony PlayStation App Store recently has to remove the game from its store and accept the refunding process.

Most gamers released their disappointment on social media. And when PlayStation pulled off the game from their store, the stock of the CD Red Projekt dropped dramatically. In just a day, the stock of the company decreased by 22% in an already nightmarish point. Good trailers and convincing announcements from the Polish game developer could not save the whole product. Too many bugs combined with lagging and unstable made players want to give up on the game in the first place.

Perhaps, the decision of PlayStation also played a crucial role in this dropping.

Just after one day since the announcement of PlayStation was published, CyberPunk observed a huge decline happen to their product. The company acknowledged a nine-month low, declining to $1.8 billion.

PlayStation announced that they pulled off CyberPunk 2077 from their App Store.

Fortunately, it was not the lowest point of the company.

CD Red Projekt witnessed a huge drop happen to their stock since Dec. 4th and then continue until Dec. 14th. The value of CD Red Projekt Stock used to be $121, now it is only $74.

When the lagging and bugs were recognized, CD Red Projekt has tried hard to fix the problem and apologized sincerely to players around the world for what has happened. However, it won’t be easy to rebuild a broken relationship. So many players confessed that they felt like they were misled by CD Red Projekt and CyberPunk.

A scene in CyberPunk.

Several refunds request from them have been sent to the PlayStation and the line is still being lengthened.

Probably, CD Red Projekt should have confessed from the beginning that their game will need more updates in order to become the most polished version. Sadly, nothing happens. Until the launching day, CyberPunk 2077 is still believed to be a perfect product of the Polish game developer.

At least, it might be a good motivation for a reconstruction of CyberPunk 2077. So many games have a terrible launching day, and in the end, they turn out to be great ones. No Man Sky is a great lesson that CyberPunk can learn from.


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