The newest product of Ark series, Ark: Survival Evolved, has Vin Diesel as their character who is a dinosaurs killer.

Vin Diesel is infamous actor world wide with his acting in the Fast and Furious series and his voice-over for the adorable Marvel’s super hero Groot. It is the first time that Diesel stepped into the gaming industry as a character. Ark: Survival Evolved is the next part of Ark series, and this time it has Vin Diesel as a character in the game who is a dinosaurs killer.

Ark: Survival Evolved or Ark 2 confirmed it release yesterday at the Game Awards, and it announced the involvement of Fast and Furious’ star in their trailer. What is shocking about it is that they even made an animatedly realistic version of Vin Diesel.

Ark first launched in 2015 and soon became a famed and profitable gaming title on Stream platform. The game attracts players with its multiple playing offer, crafting, and base building. In the previous season, Ark also built their storyline around the prehistoric time when dinosaurs had been living.

Nothing much about Ark 2 has been released rather than a short trailer that Vin Diesel involved in. But you might expect the same background and storyline. And as it has been said earlier, you will have a chance to observe Diesel becomes a dinosaurs killer instead of a speedy driver in Fast and Furious series or the cute galactic creatures Groot in the Guardian of the Galaxy.

Besides announcing the involvement of Diesel is the confirmation of Ark animated series. The game developer announced that their animated series will include several talents such as Madeleine Madden, Michelle Yeoh, Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Wright, David Tennant, Zahn McClarnon, Devery Jacobs, Ragga Ragnars, Elliot Page, Karl Urban, Malcolm McDowell, Deborah Mailman, Russell Crowe, and Vin Diesel.

A scene that involve Diesel.

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