Apple AirTags have been around the corner for almost a year now and yet Bluetooth tracking remotes haven’t been officially announced. The latest leak suggests that they this close to launch (we know you’ve heard this before).

Spigen has a keychain dubbed the Valentinus released on Amazon Netherlands right now. It allows you to attach an AirTag to your keys or anything else (the Tag itself seems to lack lanyard eyelet or other attachment points). The Valentinus is made of faux leather and has a button so you can easily insert and remove the tag. Here are some outstanding figures of the new Apple Tags. Once again, you can order it online from now.

Spigen Keychain for Apple AirTag

Then, this Nomad keychain. The shape of the squirrel suggests that it is a different device (possibly the larger Tag), which appears to be sewn into the leather. Or the shape could be just a design choice as the next Nomad product is coming back to round key chains.

Nomad AirTag Keychain * Eyeglass Strap

The glasses holder has a black braided cord that holds an AirTag. You can adjust the length of the drawstring for a better fit.
On Amazon Italy and Spain, you can find the Cyrill key chains, available in black and beige vegan leather. These are similar to the Spigen designs with a button that secures the AirTag in place.

Cyill key ring for AirTag, in black and beige vegan leather

There is little indication of when Apple will launch the AirTags and how much it will cost. New iPads are expected in March, which will be a possible location for the Tags debut, but there have been plenty of such opportunities in the past and we are still waiting.


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