A potential return of Gal Gadot’s Gisele in the series of Fast and Furious will be so exciting for fans of the movie. Nonetheless, the Wonder Woman of DC Comics said that it is not on her to-do list, despite expressing excitement for it.

Gal Gadot has fulfilled her role in the series of Fast and Furious successfully, playing Gisele perfectly and leaving the movie with a huge impression. Fans could not forget that, neither they could accept the fact that Gisele somehow has died in the series. And more than one time that the producer of Fast and Furious has hinted a comeback of Gal Gadot’s Gisele.

Gal Gadot definitely loved to see herself be back with Gisele in the series of Fast and Furious, but so far, the Israeli actress denied to put it on her to-do list. She is more famous and recognizable right now as Wonder Woman of the DC Extended Universe than when she participated in the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth episode of Fast and Furious. It was her first movie role, and absolutely, a role that helped her build up the reputation within the Hollywood world.

Gadot now was the star of DC Universe, and fans of Fast and Furious really wish to see her come back with the movie. Recently, Fast and Furious series producer confirmed the return of Sung Kang – playing Han. In Fast 5 and Fast 6, Han and Gisele was a beautiful couple of the movie, but the duo then died in an action sequence.

Not sure how Han’s return will affect the decision of Gadot, but the movie star of Israel refused to highly consider Fast and Furious as her next mission to accomplish. On her promotion day for Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot was asked about a potential return in the Fast and Furious series. But she said she has no idea.

“Oh wow, I don’t know. I have no idea. Right now it’s not on my to-do list,” Gadot said.

Some might think that Gadot is protecting the secret of Fast and Furious, but probably, the Israeli actress honestly knows nothing yet. Perhaps, no one informed her about the plan of the next Fast and Furious yet. A potential return of Gisele could happen in Fast 10 and Fast 11, but for now, she doesn’t have the correct answer.

We all know that Gadot is now happy with DC Extended Universe and a plan for her return in the series of Fast and Furious is still potential.

We all wish to see the return of this adorable couple.

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