A report last month claimed that LG was weighing its options for the roll-up phone it showed at CES 2021. Now Yonhap reports that the decision has been made to put the project on hold.

LG has asked its parts suppliers to suspend work on the roll-up phone, according to sources cited by the Korean News Agency. This includes BOE, which was hired to do the display. Suppliers can request compensation for work they have already done. LG has not made any official comment on this.

This device was part of the ambitious Explorer project, which was supposed to deliver a dub with a classic flagship (the LG V70, most likely) followed by the roll-up phone. However, we haven’t heard any rumors about a flagship on the way.

Yonhap: LG put roll-up phone project on hold

The company is reportedly considering selling or closing its mobile division. The division has been losing money since the second quarter of 2015 and has racked up $ 4.5 billion in total losses to date. He continued to struggle despite multiple attempts to turn things around and daring projects like the LG Wing (which is also part of Project Explorer).

Putting the roll-up phone to sleep does not necessarily mean that LG has decided to quit the mobile business. There were doubts about the commercial success of the project (the wing was not), so it could just be a move to cut losses.

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