It was a glorious night for the whole team. TechTimes finally accomplished the biggest milestone in the last three years: Organizing a tech award namely TechTimes Editors’ Choice 2020.

Glorious, beautiful, and warm are words to describe this ceremony of TechTimes. It was not only a stage for tech brands but also a showcase of the TechTimes Editorial Board. After 3 years, that young team upscaled themselves to another level. TechTimes Editors’ Choice 2020 was a night of glory. TechTimes created a truly competitive playfield for tech brands. Whatever brands won the award from TechTimes last night deserved the trophy..

TechTimes Editors' Choice 2020
MyViewBoard successfully won the award of the best Educational solution of the year. The brand from the U.S. has brought its product to the Vietnamese market and localized myViewBoard into a locally educational solution. Throughout the time of the global pandemic, myViewBoard played an important role in connecting teachers to students, maintain education in Vietnam. MyViewBoard has overcome several opponents in order to win this award. Following them are VNPT e-Learning, Viettel e-Learning, Google JamBoard, and VibeBoard. Photo: TechTimes
TechTimes Editors' Choice 2020
Mr. Do Nguyen, the representative of TechTimes, shared that this award is created for consumers, not for the Editorial Board of TechTimes. He said that although awards were granted to brands after the voting process of the Editorial Board and the Advisor Consultants, all of these awards were granted because of consumers’ needs. “TechTimes want to build up a relationship for brands and consumers, and it is our biggest goal,” Mr. Do Nguyen said. Photo: TechTimes
TechTimes Editors' Choice 2020
Gojek has contributed quite a lot to the Vietnam community in the year 2020, and it is not surprising at all that they have won an award from TechTimes. It is a big win for Gojek. The brand understood the value of community and when they develop the brand, Gojek placed community as their core. The core value of Gojek is to fulfill the needs of the community. “Gojek right now has more than 18.000 drivers and we also have 80.000 contracts with restaurants in Vietnam,” the regional manager of Gojek in Vietnam said. Photo: TechTimes
TechTimes Editors' Choice 2020
Journalist Pham Hong Phuoc had some outstanding share about the award of TechTimes. He specifically had some good words for the telehealth system. Besides, the experienced journalist also shared his thought about smartphones. Photo: TechTimes
TechTimes Editors' Choice 2020
Journalist Nguyen Son granted the award to Logitech’s representative. He shared that he could not stay until the end of TechTimes Award for work reason. Nonetheless, the experienced journalist played a big role in finalizing the voting process of TechTimes Editors’ Choice. Photo: TechTimes
TechTimes Editors' Choice 2020
Journalist Dang Tuan had some joking thoughts about the camera market. He said that even though people rather to take picture faster, the camera market won’t affect that much. “Camera won’t die, to some extent, it even could use advantage from the development of smartphones’ cameras to improve their product,” Mr. Tuan said. Photo: TechTimes
Journalist Ngo Hong Nhung shared some of her thoughts about TVs. She believed that TVs to some extent have changed, and the requirement for this equipment has also changed. TV nowadays is more than just an entertainment product. Photo: TechTimes
Mai Trieu Nguyen is with Samsung’s representative. The businessman was quite for most of the times. However, he left such a good speech about earphones. Photo: TechTimes
Mr. Do Nguyen handed an award to Western Digital’s representative. Photo: TechTimes
The youngest advisor, Tony Phung, shared his thoughts about gaming laptops market. He said that good laptops for gaming should have three things: effectiveness, visual realistic, and beautiful design. Photo: TechTimes
All the envelopes of TechTimes Editors’ Choice were sealed carefully. Photo: TechTimes


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