In the previous part, we have a chance to know more about Mai Trieu Nguyen, Ngo Hong Nhung, Tony Phung, and Son Nguyen, 4 first members of the TechTimes Editors’ Choice 2020 Advisors Team.

This time, we will say introduction to the rest of TechTimes Editor’s Choice 2020 Advisors Team. We have four experienced advisors in this article whose knowledge will be a valuable contribution for the award. We have a CEO of a company, two journalists and one honorable expert in this article. Welcome to the rest of the Advisor Team of TechTimes Editors’ Choice 2020 award.

Pham Hong Phuoc

  • Editor-in-chief of Media Online.
  • Contributor for media outlets.
  • Tech Expert.
Pham Hong Phuoc, with an interview with Times 24H team. Photo: Times 24H

Pham is one of the two oldest advisors of TechTimes Editors’ Choice award, but the man refuses to let age turn him down. Age for this journalist is just a number, and alike to the other old fellow, journalist Le Trung Viet, Pham Hong Phuoc will bring in some decent looks of the veterans.

Pham is currently the editor-in-chief of Media Online and still very passionate for journalism.

It seems like he would be a tough advisor to convince as he said he would not let the human beings factor interfere and mislead his judging.

“Definitely, human beings have their favorite option, but as an expert, I will use my knowledge within the technology world and judge the products,” he said. “It is hard to separate that part from our judgement since we are all humans and we have things that we love more than the other.” 

Le Trung Viet

  • Former Editor-in-Chief and Founder of PC World magazine.
  • Tech expert.
  • Expert contributor.

He was the former computers expert and the former editor of the infamous PC World. Le Trung Viet said that he was never trained to be a journalist, but his computer passion dragged him in and turned him from a computer engineer into a journalist. 

His passion for the journalism will make Le become a valuable part of this award although he said his retirement 4 years ago. 

“The award makes me feel like  I am younger,” Le said. 

Le Trung Viet portrait. Photo: Times 24H

Dang Tuan (Tuan Lion)

  • Photographer for Tinh Te.
  • Journalistic photographer in more than 10 years.
  • Camera expert.
  • Photography master. 

Dang Tuan is the only photographer of the advisor team, but his experience of photography and tech experience will be unique to this show. He said that the award for medical app or medical appliances will attract him the most. Still, the photographer remains his concern for the photography award such as best microless camera. 

Tuan Lion said that he respected the whole team of advisor and wished that the award night would be successful. He said that with a wide range of advisors, this show will be a successful one. 

“I believe on the success of this award, and I am waiting for it,” he said. 

Tuan Lion, alongside his favorite animal. Photo: Dang Tuan’s Facebook.

Nguyen Van Do (Do Nguyen)

  • CEO and Founder of Times Corp.
  • Editor-in-chief of TechTimes Vietnam.
  • Editor-in-chief of Times 24H.
  • Investor and Founder of Auto Times, Times Cast, Sport Times.
  • Former Journalist of PC World.
Mr. Do Nguyen, in a field trip to Google office. Photo: Do Nguyen’s Facebook

Do Nguyen aka Jack Nguyen is a young CEO and owner of Times Corp. In more than 10 years working inside the journalism world, he was the writer and contributor for several tech magazines, including the infamous PC World. He has also worked for Media Agency before establishing Times Corp 3 years ago.

His vision ahead of this award is to create a play field for tech brands where they can soar their pride and prove their class.

Though Jack is quite a young CEO, he is a decent leader who make the name of TechTimes shine bright as one of the top 3 tech magazines in Vietnam.

His famous slogan is attached on his Facebook.

“The dog bark, but the caravan goes on.”


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