It has been a forgetful week for Tottenham Hotspurs. From the top spot of the English Premier League table, Tottenham Hotspurs dropped to the fifth position after receiving a defeat against Leicester City.

Jose Mourinho was quite confident before going into the display against Leicester City, assured the whole team of Spurs that though the previous showcase against reigning champion Liverpool was tough, they could leave their home ground with a positive result. Tottenham Hotspurs was totally encouraged before stepping on the same field with Leicester City.

And then the positivity of Mourinho was denied with an own goal scored by Toby Alderweireld and a penalty of Leicester City’s James Maddison.

Spurs lost the game against Leicester City and lost the second place on the table to their opponent. Their unwanted streak of not winning a single game in the English Premier League lengthen to the number 3. Mourinho was quite confident about the title race for Spurs, but after the last three games, his plan would have to change.

Such a forgetful week of Spurs started when they got a drawn result against Crystal Palace in the 12th round of the English Premier League. The winning of Spurs was canceled by a late goal of Palace’s Jeffrey Schlupp. Spurs dropped two points at the home ground of Palace.

It was a sad result, but everything was worsen when Spurs wrestled against the reigning champions of the English Premier League – Liverpool.

This drawn result began a bad streak of Spurs. Photo: AFP

Liverpool was at a different class compared to Spurs and other opponents of the English Premier League. With a squad that suffered badly from injuries, Jurgen Klopp and his lads somehow managed to overcome Spurs. The team of Mourinho was supposed to get at least one point in the match against Liverpool.

Spurs fought hard, but Liverpool – as it has mentioned – was at the different class. Son Heung-min scored an important equalizer for Spurs, but Firmino once again canceled the drawn result of the match in the late time.

Mourinho and his lads tried, but their attempt was not enough. Spurs struggled with late goals in both displays against Crystal Palace and Liverpool, but even though the same script did not happen again, Spurs – still – lost to Leicester City with a margin of two goals yesterday.

Salah scored an early goal for Liverpool, and then Son Heung-min equalized the result. Sadly, Firmino canceled the attempt of Korean striker and his teammates with a late goal. Photo: AFP

Mourinho confessed on the post-match press conference that he is not happy at all with the result, but instead of keep being sad, he needs to bounce back immediately. He also explained that the team did not play well, and the result reflected what has happened in the match. In the first 20 minutes, Spurs completely performed a pale face and could not get a single chance to approach the goal of Leicester City.

And when they conceded a penalty kick in the extra time of the first half, Spurs was then completely broken.

Spurs turned out to be a mess in the second half as the own goal of Alderweireld marked the final result of the match. Such a forgetful period of time that Spurs has gone through. The bad time is unpredictable, but hopefully, Spurs can get through bad things soon.


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