Thursday, February 25, 2021

Weekly poll results: most people prefer wireless in-ear headphone, the TWS kind specifically


In last week’s poll, we asked you about your headphone preferences – it turns out that True Wireless (TWS) headsets really are the new trend. In-ear designs in general are preferred over other designs, and on a larger scale, wireless headphones beat their wired cousins.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that every company in the sun has launched at least one TWS headset. And you can bet sales are only going to increase, now that manufacturers have started removing basic wired headsets from flagship phone retail packaging (and lower-rated models aren’t usually available).

Weekly Survey Results: Most people prefer wireless in-ear headphones, the TWS type in particular

One thing we didn’t ask is if you made the switch to wireless headphones on your own or were just carried away by Apple’s current of courage. But that’s what it is – 3.5mm jacks are now a rarity on phones and we know many are not inclined to buy adapters or buy USB-C / Lightning headphones.

The world isn’t ready to go wireless only – not yet anyway. Many of you have a pair of wired headphones that you use on certain occasions. Wireless models still lag behind in some areas, primarily low latency and the convenience of never needing to be recharged.

We know some of you will want to discuss audio quality (and with things like LDAC and aptX Adaptive, that’s an argument only audiophiles will care about), but polls clearly show one thing: convenience is more. important than quality. This is the opinion of the majority anyway.

Weekly Survey Results: Most people prefer wireless in-ear headphones, the TWS type in particular

Source: GSMArena

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