Van Quang Long, the famous Vietnamese singer, shockingly has passed away at the age of 41 in his house in the U.S. 

According to his representatives and family members, the singer died because of a stroke. Van Quang Long was 41 when he died. 

Van Quang Long
Van Quang Long (1979-2020)

The singer was a member of the famous band 1088, accompanied by Nhat Tinh Anh and Ung Hoang Phuc to create a role model of the musical band in the 2000 decade. 

Alike to the death of Chi Tai, Quang Long death was caused by an anonymous cardiac arrest. 

Quang Long used to have a family and two children, but he disclosed about his family life with the media. 

According to some close friends, his mourning ceremony will be occurred in a disclosure area due to the impact of COVID-19. 

Van Quang Long’s real name is Le Quang Hien, born in 1979 in Dong Thap. He is famous with the boy band 1088 – founded in 2000, with the help of musician Do Quang. The group consists of five members: Nhat Tinh Anh, Van Quang Long, Dien Thai Toan, Ung Hoang Phuc, Nhat Thien Bao. The 1088 members attract many fans thanks to their handsome looks, good choreography, and diverse acting styles. In 2002, 1088 suddenly disbanded.

After the disband, Quang Long continued work as a solo singer for a while then has moved permanently to the US. Quang Long also participated in several Vietnamese entertainment centers in the U.S. such as Paris By Night.

The famous songs of Quang Long are included: Phút biệt ly, Nợ duyên, Khóc tình, Tình xa ngàn khơi, Về đi em, Mưa xuân, Tình như chiếc lá…


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