Van Quang Long had a huge intensity of messages sending to his wife during the very last days of his life. Some screen shots of these messages have been revealed eventually by his wife.

Van Quang Long passed away for nearly a week, but the left-over from his death was huge. It is an impactful death, especially to his family. But what is so daunting about this is that Van Quang Long seemingly was able to recognize his death. Just a few days ago his death, Van Quang Long sent an intense amount of messages to his wife, Ms. Linh Lan.

Most of these messages expressed his missing to his wife and his daughter. He kept repeated asking his wife to let him see their daughters. The former singer also said that he missed his wife, his daughter, and his family, and blamed himself for being a bad husband and a bad father.

“You two must be in bed right now. I miss you two a lot. Can I see a photo of Helen, please? I miss you two so much,” he wrote to his wife.

Van Quang Long married Linh Lan after a failed marriage with his first wife. They have a daughter name Le Trac Ky who sang a song to her late father during his ceremony in Vietnam.

The tribute for Van Quang Long is about to end in this week. His corpse might arrive at Vietnam in the upcoming week.

About his message to his wife, Van Quang Long and his family never revealed about this before, but after all, Ms. Linh Lan accepted to share her loss with the media. We all wish that her and her family will be healthy though they have just suffered from a huge loss. Good luck for everything!

“I miss you two!” He wrote to his wife.

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