His death was a shock, and for sure that Van Quang Long will always be remembered by his colleagues, his fans, and his family.

Van Quang Long passed away due to a surprising cardiac arrest, and his death is regretful thing that happens to his family. Her wife confirmed that she would try her best to have a reunion with her husband’s corpse. Van Quang Long will be mourned in Vietnam and this ceremony won’t happen anytime sooner than the next year 2021.

Anyway, his musical career will always be memorable.

A former member of 1088 band and a hits owner like Van Quang Long will be a role model for every young singers to follow. In order to remember his contribution for the entertainment world, it is a good time to look back at his best performances on stage, and at the same time, listen to his best songs.

Once again, it is such a pity, recognizing the death of such a talented singer like Van Quang Long. We all wish his family the best thing. Rest in peace, Van Quang Long!

Chiec La Mua Dong is one of his hit when he was performing music in foreign nations. Van Quang Long is most famous for this song and another hit named Dong Thu Cuoi. He performed this song in Van Son 49 show in New York City.
In the show Van Son 49, Van Quang Long also had a duo performance with Nhu Y, and they sang a combo of songs in this song. Not a top hit of the singer but also an outstanding performance of him.
Ve Di Em is a romantic message that a guy wants to send to his lover, asking her to give up the material life and come back with him. It is one of the most reputable song of Van Quang Long.
Tien Buoc Phi Truong is a Vietnamese remake version of Nothing is gonna change my love. The original melody is there but the lyrics have been changed in order to make it fit the Vietnamese society setting.
Tinh nhu chiec la implied a sad love message of this song. It is song that Van Quang Long has made when he is in Vietnam.
Thoi! Ta Chia Xa is also a good song from Van Quang Long though the message of it is quite sad.

There are still plenty of good songs from Van Quang Long, but above are some top one – in my opinion.


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