Operation Warp Speed is attempting to allocate coronavirus vaccines globally. Gen. Gustave Perna leading this project announced that the vaccines could be ready for distribution within 24 hours.

First, two kinds of vaccines having the ability of distribution could be Pfizer and Moderna. Alex Azar, the U.S secretary of health and human affairs considered the clinical research from Astra Zeneca is also a promising one. “We’re going to be ready to distribute vaccines within 24 hours” after they receive emergency use authorization from the FDA, Perna told Woodruff. Finally, vaccines for COVID-19 distribution could be ready soon.

“The news from Astra Zeneca and Oxford is very important, and of course, very promising,” Azar told Bob Woodruff on exclusive interviews with ABC News. The point of Operation Warp Speed’s project is that different kinds of vaccines are researching and producing at the same time in order to measure as well as compare their effectiveness before manufacturing divers of coronavirus vaccine.

The date Dec.10 is set for the discussion of the vaccine’s probable authorization after Pfizer sent an application to the FDA. The authorization could be obtained within four days later. At that moment, Pfizer will distribute 6 million doses of vaccine to 64 jurisdictions, 50 states, eight territories, and six metropolitan cities.

“3 million we’ll send out, the other 3 million we’ll send out 21 days later because we want to make sure the second dose is available for everybody,” Perna said.

Another 400,000 doses of vaccine will remain in case of an unexpected situation.

“Pfizer’s going to distribute it directly down to our administration sites,” Perna said. “They’re going to use FedEx and UPS to get it there. They know how to do this. They do it all the time.”

Vaccines for COVID-19 distribution could be ready within 24 hours
Pfizer vaccines will be the first COVID-19 vaccine to be distributed in the U.S. Photo: AFP

Additionally, the distributed 975 kits of vaccines conclude containing needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, face masks, and face shields. Especially, cards reminding those who are provided vaccines to get the second one in three weeks are also added. In case of authorization, 100 doses of small kits including similar items made by Moderna will be at the administration site by the McKesson Corporation.

Azar made sure that the changes will not happen during the progress of Operation Warp Speed by the management of Biden.

“It won’t change anything about the process because we will ensure a professional cooperative effective transition,” said Azar. “We will ensure continuity, and by then-by the time of any transition-we believe many tens of millions of Americans will already have been vaccinated, and the mission of the next administration will be to simply not mess up what we’ve got going.”



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