The newest test result of the Pfizer vaccine showed that they got 95% efficiency on the virus which is amazing.

Pfizer vaccine was the first one to announce that they had the efficiency against coronavirus up to 90%. However, the lab recently announced even more delighted news about their vaccine. According to AP, Pfizer announced that their vaccine is 95% efficient against coronavirus and officially surpassed Moderna’s vaccine to be the most efficient vaccine in the world.

The announcement of Pfizer and its German collaborator BioNTech arrived just a few days after the first promising result they revealed last week. The companies have also submitted documents for the regulation of using the vaccine in Europe, the U.K., and Canada.

Pfizer so far is the hope of human beings. Since the beginning of the virus, the global economy and sports are affected heavily. The transition between nations was restricted and consequently led to the collapse of trading between brands and nations. Meanwhile, some important sports events had to change their schedule or cancel the whole tournament. Pfizer can be the savior for all of us.

Pfizer and BioNTech had estimated the efficiency of the vaccine by counting the infected number after injected their product.

“This is an extraordinarily strong protection,” Dr. Ugur Sahin, BioNTech’s CEO and co-founder, told The Associated Press.

Pfizer could be the savior of human beings. Photo: AFP

Even though the vaccination for coronavirus is found, Dr. Sahin denied that we can stop the pandemic anywhere soon. The upcoming winter and spring are still a potentially dangerous time for the virus in terms of spreading. “The available vaccine doses are just too small to ensure that we could make a significant difference to the society,” he said.

But the doctor predicted that the pandemic would be controlled by the next year. “We might be able to get control of this pandemic situation late summer 2021,” Dr. Sahin suggested.

Dr. Paul Offit of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,  one of FDA’s advisers, recommended the same thing. “There’s every reason to be enormously optimistic,” he said.

Pfizer vaccine finally got to its final stage of testing and ready for public usage. A whole world has been waiting for this good news for a while, and we are about to observe the vaccine against coronavirus. In the past, we were able to stop SARS quite easily, but it probably would take us nearly another half a year to stop the virus.

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