According to Deadline, Universal Pictures has accomplished the bargain to remake “Saigon Bodyguards”, a Vietnamese movie hit.

Universal Pictures made a deal with the Vietnamese producers to remake the 2016 movie hit “Saigon Bodyguard”. The Wolf Warrior Wu Jing and Marvel’s star Chris Pratt will star in the American version of the movie. Famous scriptwriters, Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck (What Men Want, HBO’s Veep), will compose the storyline for the movie. Along with them, Joe and Anthony Russo will be the producers for the remaking version.

The American version of Saigon Bodyguard also allows a reunion of the Russo Brothers, Chris Pratt, and Wu Jing. The Russos have both worked with Pratt and Jing in several projects such as the Wolf Warrior 2 and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Especially in Wolf Warrior 2, Russo Brothers, and Jing achieved the grossing of $877 million in ticket sales in China. Additionally, it is also the highest-grossing non-English movie ever.

While Pratt and the Russo brothers created the famous hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

Saigon Bodyguard was a blockbuster in Vietnam.

Ken Ochiai (Ninja the Monster) is the director of the original version. While, Rhombus Media and TNA Entertainment collaborated to produce the movie, and CJ Entertainment represented the hit. Galaxy Media, PS Vietnam, Yeah 1 CMG, and Media Village participated in the genuine project as the sponsors. The deal with Vietnamese producer has succeeded thanks to Universal’s Executive Vice President of Production Matt Reilly.

He brought in the project and will play the role of an oversee.

Saigon Bodyguard’s story was about two pals, one a straight arow and the other a doof, who cooperate to find an heir who got kidnapped right in front of their eyes. The storyline developed more dramatic from there.

The film will shoot at the beginning of 2021, and Pratt will join the rest of the producing team after he finished his Jurassic World: Dominion project. The famous movie star is represented by UTA, Rise Management, Sloane, Offer, Weber, and Dern.

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