In the last few weeks, Trump and his allies have accused Joe Biden of voting fraud. Though they cried for it, the court says they have found no evidence.

As a way to deny transferring of power, Trump and his allies kept blaming Joe Biden for cheating the voting process. Though the strategy plays wells on the TV screen, it fails terribly in a court fight. Court assured that they have found no evidence showing that Joe Biden cheated on his vote.

Perhaps he did so, the court should be able to collect some information about that. In this case, unfortunately, the court could not search for any supportive evidence that Biden and his voting process was a fraud. U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann, a Republican and Federalist Society member in central Pennsylvania, suggested that Trump’s accusation is alike to the Frankenstein monster. Trump has accusations but no evidence to support it.

Trump and his allies cried for vote fraud again, but court says no
There is no fraud that occurred in the election between Biden and Trump.
Photo: AFP

Trump tried to push his baseless fight in some important battlegrounds of the election. Pennsylvania is one of them, but his effort could be meaningless as Biden currently is leading the total of votes. Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, still fought for his client. On Nov. 7th, he held a famous event known as Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

“Some of the ballots looked suspicious,” Giuliani said in the event. “Those mail-in ballots could have been written the day before, by the Democratic Party hacks that were all over the convention center.” 

Even though Trump and his supporters still wanted to push for the election fraud, presidential election spealist recommended that the action is dangerous. Justin Levitt, a professor at Loyola Law School, suggested that the action of Trump and his allies is the “dangerous showcase.” “The continuing baseless, evidence-free claims of alternative facts are actually having an effect on a substantial number of Americans,” Levitt said.

Not a single court found the evidence of election fraud and it supported the fact that Biden would soon have the right to take after the White House.

Trump and his allies cried for vote fraud again, but court says no
Biden could soon take after the White House.
Photo: AFP

Trump’s fight kept going on despite the awaiting defeat. In the last two weeks, lawyers of the former president have composed several lawsuits that accused the missing of some mail-in ballots. They believed that with these ballots, Trump could continue his dynasty at the White House.

Nonetheless, his second term has to be postponed as Biden has a large margin comparedly to Trump.

The voting fraud can delay the transfer of power, but at the end, court supports Biden’s presidential election. No evidence against him was found, and sooner than later, Biden would take after the White House.




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