Tottenham and Fulham clash is postponed due to COVID-19 positive cases between two teams’ staff members and players.

Though the match between Tottenham and Fulham is postponed, the English Premier League won’t delay. This delaying is already the third match of the English Premier League that is postponed by COVID-19 positive cases reason. Before, the clash between Everton and Manchester City was also pulled off. However, English Premier League authority insists that there is no reason to hold back the season.

Two teams are set to join a match-up at Tottenham’s stadium at 18:00 GMT.

Fulham reported that several players of the team were tested positive for the coronavirus, and they requested the rearrangement of the London derby. The official decision to delay the match was declared by the English Premier League authority just 3 hours before the match.

“Fulham FC’s match at Tottenham Hotspur, due to be played at 6pm this evening, has been postponed following a Premier League Board meeting this afternoon,” a statement read.

Recently, a match between Aston Villa and Newcastle has also been canceled with the same reason – so many positive cases of COVID-19 have been found. Although this type of match cancelation has been extended to the number 3, English Premier League still convinces that there is no reason to set back the season.

In a statement, the English Premier League declared that they won’t hold back the season as the COVID-19 protocols are being followed properly.

“With low numbers of positive tests across the overwhelming majority of clubs, the Premier League continues to have full confidence in its COVID-19 protocols and being able to continue to play our fixtures as scheduled,” the statement wrote.

Unlike other competition around Europe, English Premier League so far is the only European competition that have matches postponed because of COVID-19 reason.

As the new year is coming soon, we all wish that no matches of the English Premier League have to be delayed again because of COVID-19.


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