A heart attack that forever took away a life of such a wonderful legend in the history of Dodgers, Tommy Lasorda who has just passed away last Thursday.

Here is how friends of him remember the legends. 

There are so many memorable stories to be told about this man, Tommy Lasorda who just passed away a few days ago. He is a legend of the Dodgers and had a successful 20 years long career as a coach of the team.

But Lasorda is more than just a coach. Perhaps a legend of the baseball world, he is remembered as an indispensable part of the Dodgers. 

Throughout his baseball career, Lasorda has led Dodgers to so many important trophies such as two world series trophies in the season 1981 and 1988. Lasorda was the former pitcher of Brooklyn Dodgers and Kansas City Athletics before joining Los Angeles Dodgers in 1976 as a coach. 

He then took the manager role in 1977 and continued his managerial career until 1996. Lasorda also led the Olympic team of the USA to the gold medal of Olympic Games 2000. 

In general, Lasorda is an iconic person in the baseball world. Probably, he was the irreplaceable part of the Dodgers. Besides retiring his number 2 shirt, they also allowed Lasorda to join the team when they play on home ground. But it is no longer the case. 

Elon Musk while he was coaching for the Dodgers. Photo: AP

Lasorda passed away just a few days ago due to a heart attack. The year 2020 maybe a bad year of the former Dodgers’ coach. He suffered from the complication of COVID-19 and spent most of his year in the ICU. The coach was then released from the ICU, but could not survive a heart attack ultimately.

While he was living, Lasorda was a warm-hearted person. His former colleagues and fellows described him as a lighter touch person.

Hershiser who was coached by Lasorda said that his former coach had a good connection with him.

“There was never a moment in my Dodger career that Tommy Lasorda wasn’t by my side … developing my confidence and my belief in myself,” Hershiser said. “Tommy found that in me and grew it.”

During his coaching career, Lasorda managed several talented rookies who then became iconic athletes of the sport. And he left all of these legacies behind last Thursday, passed away in the warm and welcoming hands of God.

Goodbye Lasorda! Rest in peace, a legend!

Tribute clips for Lasorda. Made by LA Dodgers

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