Chi Tai has been an important part of Thuy Nga Paris By Night Entertainment Center in the period of 40 years long, and his whole life consolidate deeply with this entertainment center.

It was the year of 1997 that Chi Tai made his debut on the stage of Thuy Nga Paris By Night as a comedian. In that show, he played with Hoai Linh, his best mate on stage and also his soulmate in the real life. That connection walk both entertainers through several challenges in life, and when Chi Tai passed away, Hoai Linh was the one who took after his mourning ceremony and tribute ceremony.

Below is the best plays between the duo. Besides, it is the collection of shows that Chi Tai has performed for Thuy Nga Paris By Night. And please keep in mind that all of those clips belong to Thuy Nga Paris By Night. No illegal usage is allowed for these properties.

Singer Dream: In this performance, Chi Tai accompanied Hoai Linh and Huu Loc-a former Vietnamese comedian who also died young. The trio played a story about a music competition within which Chi Tai and Hoai Linh were the contestants while Huu Loc was the judge. The story built up from there. Via: Thuy Nga Paris By Night

Bike Taxi Driver: Linh “driver” and Tai “mad dog” were the perfect duo for the story between a taxi driver and a gangster customers. Their story is around the conversation of Tai “mad dog” and Linh “driver”, and though the play mostly are conversational, it is attractive tremendously. Via: Thuy Nga Paris By Night.

Get Marry: A humorous, sad, and dramatic story that was built up by Chi Tai, Hoai Linh, and Kieu Linh. The trio made a perfect story about getting marry and gangster. Such a classy play of Chi Tai.

Osin is my grandpa: A tremendously humorous story made by Chi Tai, Truong Giang, and Hoai Linh.

Luong Son Ba & Chuc Anh Dai: A modernized version of a Chinese traditional story.

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