‘Tibetan Eagle’ Su Mudaerji got his recent win in an UFC fight in just 44 seconds. The Chinese fighter knocked out Malcolm Gordon of Canada on Saturday. 

‘Tibetan Eagle’ Su Mudaerji only got his third fight in the flyweight bout of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and it was his second victory since the promotion. Su got a total of 11 knock-out winning in his entire career after the match against Malcolm Gordon, and it was the third fastest knock-out victory in the UFC history.

Before stepping into this fight, Su got one winning and one defeat. In the last two years, he spent times improving his wrestling skills in Dagestan, but in the most recent showcase, he knocked out the opponent with a boxing strike. Su also trained his boxing skills at Enbo Fight Club in Chengdu, Sichuan Province of southwest China. Specifically for the fight against Gordon, he trained at the UFC Performance Institute, Shanghai.

The result of hard training was proved in the fight against Gordon.


Su knocked out his opponent with only his fists. Photo: AFP

“Because I did a lot of ground training, I’m more confident and relaxed now when I’m in standing state,” Su said. “I just want to have a hotpot with my coach and interpreter.”

He knocked out the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt owner with his powerful punches, and the fighter did not even need to use his legs. The next step Su wants to make after the fight against Gordon is to keep training hard. He wants to join “The Kung Fu Monkey” Song Yadong in the training with Team Alpha Male and keeps improving his drawback which is the ground fighting.



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