The main card of UFC was managed to keep their belt at the UFC 255. Deiveson Figueiredo and Valentina Shevchenko both retained their belts.

The main event of UFC 255 observed two championship fights for lightweight class when Deiveson Figueiredo and Valentina Shevchenko fought for the belts against Alex Perez and Jennifer Maia respectively. Ultimately, the main card of UFC left the main events with belts around their waists. A successful night for defending champions has been registered.

Figueiredo, whose Portuguese nickname is “God of War”, got an easy clash against Alex Perez. It took not even 2 minutes for Figueiredo to take down his opponent with a submissive move. With a guillotine choke submission, he forced Perez to tap out and retained his belt.

Meanwhile, Shevchenko had a tough fight against her opponent, Maia. Even though she has won the champion fight four times in a row, the fighter from Middle Asia needed help from a unanimous decision in order to seal her victory over the opponent. Shevchenko fought through the match with strong ground moves, and she wasted nearly no time in the fight to take her opponent to the floor.

Main card of UFC retained their tittle after the main events of UFC 255
Shevchenko saved her champion status after the UFC main event. Photo: AFP

The fighter from Kyrgyzstan defeated her opponent thanks to those ground moves that she has made throughout the fight. Bullet struggled in her second round against Maia, but she came back in the third round with a strong move. That spirit ultimately gave her the winning decision.

Back to Figueiredo, he finished his fight with a submissive move which is his strength. The Brazillian told broadcaster Joe Regan in an interview that he would claim this win. He said that he “told his trainer, and he would do it.” The fighting spirit of Figueiredo is strong that he does not need up to two minutes to finish the strong opponent, Perez.

The next UFC event will be held on Dec. 12th, and for the champions who just retained their belts, they got nearly two weeks to prepare for the next challengers.


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