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Things to avoid in Tet holiday in order not to suffer from bad lucks

Tet holiday is an important ceremony for Vietnamese community and other Asian ethnic groups.


But here are few things that you must avoid doing in Tet holiday if you don’t want to suffer from bad lucks in an entire year.

Lending or loaning money: Top thing of things that you must avoid in Tet holiday

The first thing in the list of things you have to avoid doing in Tet holiday is to lend or loan money. If you lend money to someone, it means that you are giving up your fortune to someone else. Meanwhile, if you loan money from someone, you might make yourself and your family suffer from financial deficit throughout the year. Remember, loaning money or lending money are must-avoiding action during Tet holiday.

Things to avoid in Tet holiday in order not to suffer from bad lucks

Clean up your house and throw trash away

Vietnamese families perceive that cleaning house and throwing trash away equals to send off the fortune from their houses. Even if you clean your house and collect the trash, don’t throw them away. In order to preserve luck in your house, you have to keep trash in a corner of your house. At least, until the fifth day of Tet, you can throw trash away.

Things to avoid in Tet holiday in order not to suffer from bad lucks

Lending fire or water

Fire has the color of red and yellow, symbolized for luck and fortune. Giving up these things to someone else also means that you quit your luck and fortune. This action can cost your family an entire year and bring in some bad lucks. While water symbolizes for creation and development. Sending water to someone else means that you giving your creation and development to them. Vietnamese families usually stock up a lot of water during Tet holiday in order to preserve their fortune.

Things to avoid in Tet holiday in order not to suffer from bad lucks

Broke something

Breaking something during these days of Tet hints a breaking up action in your family. Avoiding using glass materials in those days if you wish not to break anything. And remember, breaking something also hints that you might make some horrible mistakes in your work or your study.

Don't break things in Tet holiday.

Using knives or scissors

Knives or scissors are perceived to carry deadly air and will bring in bad lucks to its users. Instead of exhibiting several of these equipment in your kitchen, you should only use knives or scissors that are really necessary.

Don't exhibiting too many knives and scissors in Tet holiday.

Other things that you should avoid doing in Tet holiday

Actually, there are more than just five or six things that you should avoid doing in Tet Holiday. But remember, there are some exceptional situation that you can’t restrict. Times 24H only wants to warn you that there are some action that could cost your luck and fortune. Avoiding them will be good for you and will support you to have a good year.

Some other things that you should avoid:

  • Washing clothes.
  • Wearing black or white clothes.
  • Wasting foods and drinks.
  • Using sewing tool.
  • Opening your wardrobe.
  • Wishing Tet holiday to sleeping people.
  • Giving gift.

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