Tesla is currently facing a new lawsuit filed by its own employees. According to the complainants, the electric vehicle manufacturer abused them because of their race.

Tesla Racial Lawsuit

Tesla allegedly abusing employees after recent racial lawsuit

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Tesla faces another lawsuit related to racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

According to The Guardian’s early report, 15 black Tesla employees have accused the company of “racial” abuse in its factories.

The plaintiffs who worked or currently work at the EV manufacturing company said they were harassed by several people in the building.

As such, the lawsuit, which was filed in California, says Tesla’s executives, staffers and other personnel threw abusive and racist comments at them.

To be precise, the problem occurred at the automaker’s Fremont plant. The affected individuals pointed out that their colleagues and other Tesla employees used abusive words such as “slavery,” “plantation” and the “N-word.”

In addition, the suspects spat sexual remarks at the victims. The complainants point out that Tesla appears to be “open” to factory-wide racial discrimination.

The lawsuit also says the company subjected black workers to the “most physical” activities to fight for their promotion.

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Lawsuits are the order of the day in Tesla

According to Reuters, the automaker is currently facing at least 10 lawsuits. They all involve sexual harassment or racial discrimination.

In 2017, some employees filed a lawsuit against Tesla for gender discrimination and sexism. According to a complainant, the workplace promoted “unethical” conditions, which allowed harassment to take place.

In addition, the issue also sparked controversy over the promotion to “less qualified” workers. This problem focused on the fact that men were given less work than women at work.

Recently, a judge in California sued Tesla for damages it caused to a former employee of the company. The black employee said the company discriminated against him. To pay for the damage, he will receive a reward of $15 million.

There is another lawsuit filed by a shareholder of the company. This time, the complainant accused tech boss Elon Musk of letting the toxicity spread in the workplace.

In addition, the shareholder claimed that the board of directors did not listen to several complaints from the employees.

Sexual harassment lawsuit

In late December 2021, six women allegedly accused Tesla of sexually harassing them.

According to Jessica Brooks, one of the complainants experienced it on her first day at work. She noticed at the time that some men had called her the “new girl.”

To make the injury worse, the woman said the company was doing nothing to alleviate the internal problem. Instead, the incident was able to continue on its own, even though reports had already reached the office.

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