TechTimes Editors’ Choice award is the trademark that is held by TechTimes and will be the playground for smartphones, computers, home appliances, and apps. 

There is more than one reason to follow the TechTimes Editors’ Choice, but the very first reason has to be its reputation. Even though TechTimes has only developed in the last three years, it is one of the most rapidly growing entrepreneurship. Among the technology world, TechTimes is recognized as the top 3 reputable news site in Vietnam, and the TechTimes Editors’ Choice will be an award that any brands want to achieve for themselves.

The trustworthy prize for technology brands and apps

TechTimes Editors’ Choice is an annual award that is designed by TechTimes. The award itself is to encourage and honor technology brands or services that have created a positive impact on Vietnamese consumers. The awards list includes computers, smartphones, accessories, components, devices, technology solution, technology service, and apps.

After several years of holding, Editors’ Choice created a good reputation among brands and consumers. They became a bridge between the company and its customers.

Besides providing profitable benefits for brands, Editors’ Choice offers the readers to have a better vision about products. Thanks to that, readers can pick up a suitable product for themselves.

Quality of products is analyzed by technology specialists of TechTimes

In order to make this award become a reputable accomplishment, the TechTimes team will leave the quality testing part for the specialist. In this case, we will grade the products and services based on the experience of the TechTimes editorial team and technology specialists.

Therefore, all of the awards will be delivered to the most well-deserved candidates. The specialist team will be a group of knowledgeable minds and wise brains, so they would have the ability to summon the right decisions.

From these awards, customers will also benefit something for themselves. Thanks to this award, customers will have a good reflection for themselves before coming to a decision of buying any technology products or downloading any apps.

TechTimes Editors' Choice 2020: Award for the true value of technology
TechTimes Editors’ Choice is a new award, but it is going to be an important award. Photo: TechTimes

Other information about the award

The award will officially be announced this year in December. More information about the award will be published on the website of TechTimes, and their social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Besides the voting process of TechTimes editors, customers can also vote for their favorite products on the Users’ Choice collum.

Theoretically, TechTimes can have a ceremony night for this award in next year January. In the upcoming time, we should have more information about the award. Please don’t miss them!


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