The golden version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has arrived in Vietnam quite early. Luckily, I had an opportunity to be the first one to touch the new iPhone.

We purchased the newest version of the iPhone from Singapore, one of the first nations that put the iPhone 12 Pro Max on the shelves. The box of this iPhone is the first attraction of the product. Apple protects its new supper smartphone with a beautiful, glamorous, and seductive box. The giant tech flexibly combined the colors of golden and black into the box, and it creates a strong impression about the product.

The first impression makes me want to unbox the thing inside immediately.

After unboxing the product, I noticed that Apple has empowered the body of this phone with strong and inoxidizable material. Apple also colored the powerful smartphone with a shinning golden coverage which is legit and distinctive. Despite the beautiful and strong body, iPhone 12 Pro Max is quite heavy for my grabbing.

It is a pleasure to be able to grab this shinning phone with my hand.

Similarly to the Pro version, the Pro Max version of the iPhone 12 powered by the powerful camera trio: the wide, the ultra-wide, and the tele. It also has the LiDar censoring system. Nonetheless, the censoring system in the Pro Max has a larger radian. Besides, Apple provides this version with a better OIS Sensor-Shift system.

The new iPhone version has a larger screen of 6,7 inches wide. It is the largest iPhone that Apple has ever produced.

Personally, I think this iPhone is a good investment for Apple lovers. The price of it could be a concern for Vietnamese users (about 53 million VND for the Pro Max version of the new iPhone). However, you will have an approach to the biggest, mightiest, and most beautiful iPhone in Apple’s history.

In Vietnam, customers could pre-order the Pro Max version of the new iPhone from now.  It will be officially put on the shelves on Nov.27 in Vietnam.


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