Stephan Winkelmann will become the successor of Lamborghini as the new president and new CEO of the brand after the former president and CEO,  Stefano Domenicali, transferred to the Formula 1.

During the period of 2005 and 2016, Stephan Winkelmann has worked for the Italian brand as the president and CEO. Thanks to his leadership and visionary, the Italian brand became a global brand and created the impact globally. Under his empire, Lamborghini said welcome to the Gallardo model, the V10 Huracán and V12 Aventador.

The Super SUV Urus produced in 2015 was another big step of the car brand and the beginning of an evolution. Winkelmann then left the corporation before coming back with Lamborghini recently.

“It is a great honor and pleasure for me to lead these two unique companies with their extraordinary automobiles,” Winkelmann said. “I am looking forward to the new challenge. Bugatti stands for the best, most powerful, elegant and luxurious hyper sports cars in the world. Lamborghini is the iconic expression of the most exclusive super sports cars demonstrating outstanding design and innovation. Our creativity in both companies is by no means finished and the world is assured some surprises.”

According to Lamborghini
Winkelmann came back with his former workplace.

After leaving the president position and CEO chair of Lamborghini in 2016, Winkelmann passed it to Domenicali. The Italian leader still continued to build up his brand name among the car making industry. Domicali only worked for Lamborghini in 4 years, but in that period, the leader took after the legacy of his successor and was a good cog of the brand.

“I will take over a new professional challenge in the knowledge that I have experienced an extraordinary organization and exceptional colleagues. I am very attached to the women and men of Lamborghini. Together we achieved incredible goals, breaking one record after another. I leave at a high point for the company, knowing that the solid long-term strategy put in place assures a continued bright future for the brand.” Domenicali said his goodbye tribunes to the Italian corporation

According to Lamborghini

Domenicali left the company and took a new challenge, but it would not be a huge lost for Lamborghini. From tomorrow, the old president comes back to his work place, and he definitely will continue to create legacy with the brand.


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