Mercedes-Benz G Class is stronger than a rock, stronger than the time, and stronger than any other SUV. Mercedes stated that on their page.

Mercedes G-Class is described as the most powerful SUV of the famous German car manufacturer, Mercedes. The German brand confidently said that their cars are stronger than a rock, stronger than the time, and even strong than asphalt. Such a bold statement! Mercedes-Benz G Class and the story about its success, here we go!

The G Class is the most expansive SUV of Mercedes-Benz, still, it first appeared as a military car. In Germany, the G Class is also called with a name  G-Wagen (short for Geländewagen, “terrain vehicle”). Its name proved why Mercedes-Benz G Class is suitable for off-roading experience and road trip.

Mercedes built up their testing camp for this product near the Alps, the highest mountain in Europe. And any cars, which pass the test on this mountainous region, will be allowed to be put on the market. Otherwise, it comes straight forward to the trash. The G Class is stable with the slogan of their producer: Be the best or nothing.

It could be misled with GLC, GLA, GLB, and GLS Class cars, but keep this in mind, the G Class is different from the GL Class. GL Class is the SUV for family and businessman or businesswoman, while its brother-the G Class-is born to become the king of off-roading and road trip.

Mercedes-Benz G Class and the story behind a successful car
G Class is a classy SUV that everyone wants to try. Photo: AFP

The first model of Mercedes-Benz G Class was introduced to the world in 1972, after the collaboration between Daimler-Benz (Stuttgart, Germany) and Steyr Daimler-Punch (Graz, Austria). Mercedes team in Stuttgart would develop the engine for this car, why the team Austria would take place in the productions plan.

Daimler-Benz created the first model of this car from wood, which was surreal but luckily successful. After that first model, G Class has developed into one of the most strongest cars in the world, if don’t want to say the most solidated car in the world.

The first major reconstructed of the G Class came in 1981 when Mercedes introduced the automatic transmission, air conditioning, auxiliary fuel tank, protective headlamps grilles and a cable winch. Throughout the 1980s, the German manufacturer said introduction to several imporatnt adjustment on their expensive SUV.

At the 10th year anniversary, Mercedes permanently set up 4-wheel drive on their car, wooden interior was also launched in this car, and ultimately, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) also accompanied with this car.

Behind the success of a car, there is a life-long story of development and research. Until now, the most successful model of this class is the G63 which cost up to 15 billion VND, included taxes and add-ons fee. Even though that price tag is overwhelming, billionaire and businessman living in Vietnam still want to invest their money into this car. Despite the price drawback, the car itself worth the spend and the experience.

If you are a fan of off-roading and road trip, you can’t skip this option.

The car is powered by the ladder-typed frame which helps it fit any kind of terrains and even if you have to move through the Alps, it allows you to accomplish the task easily.

Three differential locks and the off-road ratio supports the off-road experience on this car. And as Mercedes has said about their car, only G Class can do what G Class can do. However, the new G Class does not remain to be alike its predecessor. The G Class of Mercedes is always getting better.

Mercedes-Benz G Class and the story behind a successful car
Mercedes-Benz G Class is always getting better and moving towards. Photo: AFP

The modern, strong, and expensive SUV starts its own mark as a military car, but at the end, it reaches to a further stop than it used to be. Mercedes-Benz has introduced to the market several cars, and at the same time, they said good bye to so many.

Nevertheless, there is always the one car that remains with the time which is the G Class. The G Class now serves for a broader range of customer. From the businessman to the military forces, customers range of this car is now diverse than the 1970s. The G Class now is a modern, classy, and genuinely strong car!

It is no longer just all about off-roading, but it is more about the experience with the car. Perhaps, Mercedes is right about their product. G Class is the best, or they are nothing. After 40 years long of development, G Class can say that they are the best.




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