Another year is about to end, and as a tradition, Spotify will hold the Spotify Wrapped 2020 which helps their users to look back at there favorite songs in the previous 12 months of a year.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 will be different than the last year Spotify Wrapped since we have spent most of the last 12 months staying home and not moving around that much. The time for listening to podcasts or music on platform alike to Spotify is definitely inevitable. I personally use my quarantine time listening to podcast about business strategy and my favorite singer, Ed Sheeran.

Anyway, if you are still wondering how to access the Spotify Wrapped of 2020, here are some tips for you all. In order to access the wrapping action of 2020, you will have to log in to your Spotify account on the desktop platform and click on the link that lead to Spotify Wrapped of 2020. After logging in, the system of Spotify will show you how many artists or songs have you listened to in the year of 2020.

Spotify should allow you to pick a good list for you 2021, but if it doesn’t, maybe you have accidentally hit in just one song so many times. Repeatedly hit on a song or a podcast can mislead the system that you are in favor of listening to them, while the fact is that you are driving crazy because of them.

Spotify is about to hold the Wrapped of 2020.

When you access the action, the desktop will be an amazing component to work with rather than your smartphone. A power-point styled presentation will be shown to you by the system of the streaming app, and it is nicer to finish the wrapped on your laptop rather than your phone.

I hope that the tip above will help you wrap up your year with Spotify easier. Wish you all the best.


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