As you may know, the podcast industry has developed into a profitable firm. It is no longer just about talking or chatting. Bellow is the insight into the podcast industry.


What is included in this insight into the podcast world? We will take a look at how can podcasters make money from their shows, why the podcast is more convenient than the radio, and why Times24H, as a communication and media corporation, wants to step into this firm. Here we go, the insight into the profitable podcasting world!

First of all, podcasting is different from the radio although they both transmit information via the audio platform. The podcasting platform allows their listeners to listen to the show anywhere and anytime as long as the listeners have access to Internet-enabled devices.

Listeners can stream the podcast via their smartphones or their laptops and then enjoy the show. Unlike the radio, listeners of the podcast have more options for content. Radio usually talks about the political problem or daily news. However, the podcast can provide listeners with a wide range of content. From a comedy show to a scientific show, podcasting has a variety of stories that radio can’t compare to, and it can easily attract a wider age range of audience than the radio.

Times 24H will step into this industry.

Added to that, this industry is profitable. Podcasters have several ways to earn money. They can earn profits thanks to advertising for a brand or virtual summit. Because of the various content options and the broad age range of listeners, podcasters can find suitable sponsorship easier than other media platforms. And the very last advantage of this platform is the investing fund.

Most successful podcasters started their own shows with … nothing. Even myself is an example. I began my first podcast show when I was in college, and after three months, we got the very first funding. You do not need a huge budget to start a podcast (I don’t say that you need no money; you still need suitable equipment to run the show).

Nonetheless, the new audio platform is not for everyone. The average age range of podcast listeners is between 18 and 54 years old, which means baby bombers would not be a potential audience for any podcasters. Besides, most podcast listeners are currently attending colleges or having post-graduate degrees. About 30% of podcasters have post-college accomplishments, and 27% of them are apparently participating in colleges.

The podcasting world, in another world, will attract well-educated people more than the average audience.

Despite the drawback, podcasting is more friendly to users than the classical media platform-TVs. According to Evergreen, listening to podcasts helps cut downtime on the screen which can tremendously affect the brain and the eyes. By the way, listeners of the podcast are more successful than TV watchers or Internet browsers. Averagely, podcast listeners have an annual household income of $75,000.

Podcasting is a profitable industry.

Listening podcast proved to be a favorite media platform of successful people.

And as I have said earlier, listeners of the podcast can access the platform anywhere and anytime as long as they have a device that can connect to the Internet. If you are a subscriber to Spotify’s premium offer, you won’t have to connect to the Internet to enjoy the podcasting platform. Even though it offers the information via audio, the podcast is more convenient than radio since you won’t have to worry about the connection issue.

What is so annoying about the radio is that you have to stay connected to the F.M or A.M wave 24/7 in order to access the radio show. I suffer from this pain regularly and that is why I shift to listen to podcasts.

Another convenience of the podcast is that we have the opportunity to listen to unique sharing from experts. Radio usually does not offer this thing to their users while podcasts are usually all about giving lessons to their listeners. Listening stories from experts and learning something from it are the genuine gifts that podcasting platform gives away.

In Vietnam, even though this platform is new, podcast creates a huge impact on the Millenials and Gen Y. During the last three years, podcasting becomes a popular way of entertaining in Vietnam. Waves, Saigoneer, and several Vietnam-based language have been introduced to the community.


The growth of the profit and audience of this platform in Vietnam has been counted properly yet. Nevertheless, podcasts potentially will become a trend in Vietnam. In other Asian nations, podcasts have gradually become a trendy media platform. For example, there is about 56% of Koreans listen to podcasts daily, and in Australia, this number is 83%.

Giant mass media company in Vietnam like VTV has also invested in a podcasting show named IELTS Faces-off. In the future, this platform will be a fruitful land for media and communication companies around the land of Vietnam.

You all now know the insight into the podcast industry, and we-Times24H-will invest in this platform soon. Let’s wait for that because I can promise you a show that will be outstanding, attractive, and knowledgeable.



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