What a strange year for the entire soccer world is about to wrap up, and it is a good time to look back at everything – looking back at the cheers and tears of the soccer moments of 2020.

The year 2020 has been a strange year for the entire soccer world as we have observed some decent moments of several clubs, but at the same time, the terribly nightmarish ones of the other. So, what do we have at the first place for soccer moments of 2020?

We have the first English Premier League trophy of Liverpool and then we have the UEFA Champions League moments of Bayern Munich at Lisbon as the best moments of the sport in the year 2020.

In such a bad year, those two teams still managed to successfully accomplish the trophies that they both wanted to achieve.

Liverpool was supposed to win their first Premier League trophy earlier if it was not because of COVID-19 that the ceremony for the champion was postponed. The whole tournament of English Premier League (EPL) was delayed for about 3 months, and Liverpool had to wait in such a long time to be able to touch the trophy of EPL.

Thirty years long of waiting probably is worthy. The empty stadium can’t interfere the ceremony of the champion. The Kop has proved that they deserved for the trophy in a whole season.

In case of Bayern Munich, they had an outstanding year 2020. Winning 5 trophies in a row is not a normal achievement for the whole team. Die Rotten stomped the whole European soccer under their feet with powerful performance and dominant class.

Alphonso Davies absolutely is the best breakthrough star of Bayern Munich, but in a year of success, Davies was not the only good ones. The rock Joshua Kimmich, the goal machine Robert Lewandowski, and the skipper Manuel Neuer, those three are also big names of Bayern Munich.

By the way, when we talk about cherish moments of 2020, we can’t ignore the ceremony of Real Madrid in the La Liga tournament or the Scudetto ceremony of Juventus in the Serie A. All of those moments are the bright milestone of soccer world in such a bad year 2020.

Liverpool had a good year for themselves. Photo: Reuters

By the way, when we mentioned the year 2020 as a bad year, we really mean that it is a terrible year for all of us. In just a year of 2020, we have observed so many deaths of former players and legendary figures of the soccer world. Perhaps, the death of Diego Maradona was the most devastating one. A whole world paid tributes to the former legend of Argentine national team and the club Napoli.

Three days of national mourning in Argentina was held, and then the stadium of Napoli was also changed to the name of Maradona.

It was a huge loss of the soccer world and a sad moments for the sport. But it is not the only one. Messi declared to leave Barcelona after 15 years of service; Paolo Rossi died with an unclear reason; Cristiano Ronaldo struggled with COVID-19; all of these moments are also tearing milestone of soccer world in the year 2020.

What a mixed feeling that the year 2020 has brought to all of us. And honestly, it was not the best year of soccer but it was a fairly good year.

The famous hand-goal of Maradona at World Cup 1986. Photo: AFP

For the first time we observe how players and clubs can play in empty stadiums, and truthfully, it was not that bad at all watching soccer without spectators coming to the ground.

Perhaps, the next year 2021 will be a better year for the entire soccer world, but for now, we still have few days left with the year 2020. What a strange year is coming to the end. Wish I have never had to talk about you once again, the year 2020.


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