Though maternal love is considered the most beautiful one in the world, the exaggerated protection from the mother on “Run” is the reason making her disabled daughter wants to escape from her.

Research, which was produced by director Aneesh Chaganty 2 years ago, set in the social networking background. Most of the scenes are on the computer desktop and phone screen. It is about a father trying his best to find his losing daughter. Run also follows the format of Research and it is also about the family’s content which is the mother taking care of her daughter excessively and isolating her. Consequently, in the end, the daughter tried to run away from her mother. Run pictured a dramatic escaping game between a mother and her own daughter.

The story of Run is solely about the seemingly peaceful life between the mother Diane (Sarah Paulson) and her daughter Chloe (Kiera Allen). Chloe is a disabled girl and suffers from many diseases. She has to sit in a wheelchair all the time and be home taught by her mother at home. At the age of 17, Chloe aspires to study at the University of Washington.

Accidentally, Chloe detected that the pills she taking every day are labeled “Diane” – her mother’s name. From that moment, Chloe becomes more doubtful about her mother, especially when the single mom does not have the intention to send her to school. She finally decides to find out the reason why Diane did so to her.

While the truth of “Searching” is figured out at the end of the movie, the director doesn’t keep the secret of “Run” but creates suspicion between Diane and her daughter. After the moment Chloe figured the truth about “Diane” pills, the mother’s actions become predictable when she is always trying to keep Chloe away from the outside world.

The lack of relationship and communication makes Chloe wrestle with lots of difficulties. She becomes powerless when searching for information about the pill. Unluckily, she has no Internet as well as help from friends. That gives her a hard time accomplishing what she wishes for.

Run pictured a dramatic escaping of a disable girl in their movie
Run pictured a dramatic escaping of a daughter from her mother. Photo: AFP

Due to the little number of casts, the acting of Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen becomes the key factor of the movie. Sarah Paulson has no trouble transforming into someone who loves her daughter unconditionally and somehow excessively.

She becomes worried and panics whenever she sees that Chloe is suffering from illness even the minor one. The single mom spends all her time taking care of her daughter and satisfying all of her demands. However, the overprotection turns into a psychological disorder which makes Diane dare to do cruel things in order to keep Chloe by her side. Even when she shows her kindness and loving, Diane still expresses frightening and unstableness through her eyes and the palest facial expression.

The background of the movie scene is processed efficiently when the mother and daughter’s house is always lacking light and gloomy. Due to being in the wheelchair, Chloe has to rely on her mother or make the noises. Depending on every action, the bright and sound would be adjusted skillfully.

The familiar households turn to obstacles and barriers preventing Chloe from escaping her house. The movie includes several camera angles aiming to feature the insecurity and panic that Chloe has to suffer.

Run pictured a panicking storyline about overprotection parents. Somehow, exaggerated protection can push the children far away from their parents. Run ultimately is not just a movie, but it is a lesson about child care and child teaching.



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