Realme to Make Their Version of the Apple MagSafe for Android
(Photo : Screenshot From Realme Website) Realme to Make Their Version of the Apple MagSafe for Android

Realme is now making their own version of the popular Apple MagSafe. This time, the device is finally accessible to Android users.

Apple MagSafe Technology with iPhone 12 Compatibility 

According to XDA-developers, Apple’s very own MagSafe wireless charger works by being attached to the back of the iPhone 12 series through the use of magnets. This makes it ridiculously very easy for users to align their very own phone to the charger’s own wireless charging coils.

Apple had also just recently released another MagSafe portable battery pack. This would make it very easy for users to plop the pack on the back of their own phone in order to get a quick top up while they are on the go. Apple warned about issues it had with the iPhone 12 upgrade that had a direct effect on MagSafe heating up and limiting its charging.

Android Qi Wireless Charging

While a number of Android phones do support Qi wireless charging, and some can even be attached directly to the Apple MagSafe chargers, it has been a while since anyone has seen Android smartphone makers release their very own magnetic wireless chargers just like how Apple did.

Everything, however, could still change quite soon as it looks like Realme is still working on making a new magnetic wireless charger of its very own called the MagDart. Realme had also recently secured a trademark for MagDart directly from the European Union Intellectual Property Office. 

Realme MagDart Combines MagSafe and Dart Charge

This was the largest hint that Realme is working on their own version of the magnetic wireless charging technology. MagDart, currently seems to be a combination of MagSafe and Dart Charge. Dart Charge is Realme’s umbrella term for the company’s different fast charging solutions.

GizmoChina was able to obtain renders that showed at least two different variants of the Realme MagDart charger. One of them reportedly looked slimmer compared to the other and it seems like the slimmer one is supporting 15W wireless charging at its minimum.

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MagDart Fast Charging

GizmoChina also notes that the puck-shaped charger is somewhat slimmer compared to Apple’s very own MagSafe charger. The larger charging station, on the other hand, has charging speeds to rival other modern wired fast charging tech. There was, however, a lack of details coming from GizmoChina.

A grille is also noticeable below the USB-C port of the said charging station, which is also presumed for some form of airflow in order to keep the charger’s thermals in check. As of the moment, the MagDart release date is still unknown but it will most likely be unveiled alongside maybe a new Android smartphone that has direct support for the magnetic wireless charger.

This could be quite similar to what Apple did launching the MagSafe with the iPhone 12. The introduction of the Realme MagDart could actually become a significant milestone for Android. This is especially if it can compete directly with modern-day fast charging technology. This could also pave the way for a potential MagDart power bank should Realme choose to explore further.

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