For sure that PSG will make it to the next stage of the UEFA Champions League, but a racist comment from the referee postpone the showcase between them and Istanbul BB, and a soccer game once again was interfered with racism.

PSG and Istanbul BB were supposed to have their final match in the Group stage of the UEFA Champions League this morning, but the game was postponed because of a racist comment from the fourth referee Sebastian Coltescu. The Romanian referee is said to describe assistant coach Pierre Webo of Istanbul BB with racist language. PSG and Istanbul BB alike to several matches that have been postponed by racism. Players from one team left the pitch without caring about the punishment or the result of the match.

Istanbul BB’s players have left the pitch immediately after realizing that their team member was being insulted by a racist language.

It was not the first time that racism was the topic of discussion about soccer, perhaps it was the thousand times that we have talked about a problem that no one wants to mention. It kept coming up after we thought that it was over. Last year, racism once again became the topic of discussion when English national star – Raheem Sterling – was offended by a racist language spoken by Bulgarian fans.

Ironically, it did not happen just one time. England and Sterling himself struggled with the problem several times. The star of Manchester City even described that racism is worse than “COVID-19.”

Sterling struggled with racism so many times in his career. Photo: Reuters

It is bizzare that we have to continue the racism discussion though we all know what is it. In the match between PSG and Istanbul BB, the Romanian referee Coltescu used the color of skin to describe Weibo and the assistant coach felt hurt by that. Basaksehir striker Demba Ba also questioned if Weibo was white, would he receive a different calling from the referee? No comments were declared instead of, Ba was asked to leave for the locker room.

Consequently, the whole team of Istanbul BB left the field and made the match be postponed.

UEFA said that they would look at the issue and find way to solve it. The mightiest soccer association in Europe described that they never struggle with same thing before.

“A thorough investigation on the incident that took place will be opened immediately,” UEFA said in a statement. “The decision by players to walk off lays down a marker in Europe.”

Perhaps it is not the best way to deal with racism, but in the shoes of players, it is the only option they could declare.

Demba Ba asked if the referee would use a better language if the coach was white. Photo: AFP

Istanbul BB was officially eliminated from the UEFA Champions League and also UEFA Europa League this season, but even if they are not a favorite in Europe, they deserved the respect from everyone. Coach Coltescu just once again did such a thing that was so offensive and racist.

This incident once again rang the alarm bell around Europe about the danger of racism. Istanbul BB and PSG can have their rematch later, but what has just happened this morning was so shameful. PSG is qualified for the next round, but their qualification is darkened by the coverage of racism.


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