Mauricio Pochettino is set to become the next PSG’s coach as the club has sacked Thomas Tuchel on Thursday.

The Guardian recently has confirmed that PSG reached an agreement with Mauricio Pochettino and they about to set him as the new PSG’s coach. Pochettino is currently a free agent, open for any new challenge, and the mission of turning PSG into a champion of UEFA Champions League seems to be an attractive task for the Argentine coach.

PSG has sacked Thomas Tuchel this Thursday without a proper reason, but according to some anonymous sources, the German coach was sacked after criticizing the policy of development at PSG.

He said in an interview that the club focused way too much at the marketing part but ignoring the development of youngsters and not recognizing the importance of building up a long-term legacy.

Tuchel as well described himself as a politician in that interview. However, the German coach explained that it was the mistranslation accident and he has never said such a thing.

Though Tuchel led the club to the UEFA Champions League final last season, he was never absolutely trusted by the owner of PSG. The Qatar-owned club is keen on signing with new coach since last season, and right now, they are targeting Mauricio Pochettino.

Perhaps, Tuchel also paid his price for a slow start this season in Ligue One.

Tuchel was sacked after a controversial interview. In that interview, he described himself as a politician. Photo: AFP

Le Parisien got 4 defeats in a total of 17 games this season in Ligue One and they are currently one point behind Lille and Olympique Lyonnais. After the big victory again Strasbourg, Tuchel received his confirmation of being fired since the club ended the year 2020 at the third place on the table of Ligue One.

Sporting director of PSG, Leonardo, also confirmed that the club sacked Tuchel for this reason without adding any extra information.

Anyway, a new coach might arrive at Parc des Princes stadium soon. Pochettino has set his agreement with PSG, and the new challenge at Paris side makes the Argentine coach exciting.

PSG will say welcome to new manager, but what Tuchel has done for the club will be missed as well.

On his Twitter, Kylian Mbappe wrote the farewell message to the manager: “Unfortunately it’s the law of football but no one will forget your time here. Thank you, coach.”


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