PSG currently has sacked Thomas Tuchel after the victory over Strasbourg, and the Paris side is now targeting Mauricio Pochettino as a potential replacement for Tuchel.

No contract with any team and no job in the previous half a year, Mauricio Pochettino is theoretically a perfect replacement for any coaches around Europe. But PSG is targeting him as the number one contender for the vacant manager chair at their club. Le Parisien just have sacked Thomas Tuchel, and they are finding a new coach for the club.

Pochettino is their first choice.

Being acknowledged world wide with the nick name “sheriff”, Pochettino is famous for being a coach who could build up a club with low cost and lead them to success. Spurs under his spell even made it to the UEFA Champions League final of the season 2018-2019.

Pochettino is the influencer to his players, pumping into them the spirit of wanting to win every single games. During his time with Espanyol, the former Argentine defender has built up his reputation as an inspiring figure.

Cutifoot also confirmed on their Twitter that PSG is keen on having a reunion with their former captain who has played for the club in 2 and half a years, contributed 95 matches for the club, and been a captain in some occasions.

However, Pochettino might not be the perfect coach for PSG for some reasons as well.

He never won a single major trophies, neither he has done it as a player or a coach. Pochettino is the winning lovers, but he is not the perfectionist that PSG might look for. Le Parisien always wants to have a perfect coach who can help them dominate both the domestic and the cosmetic trophies at the same time.

Pochettino probably is not that one.

His former colleagues at Espanyol and Southampton highly praised the Argentine coach for his charisma character. But for a winning coach, charisma character sometimes is not enough.

Still, PSG admitted that they want to see him coaching in the shirt of PSG, and they would do whatever it takes to accomplish such a task.

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