Not so many clubs in the English Premier League has higher winning rate in the Boxing Day than Manchester United did.

Manchester United has 21 wins in the Boxing Day and possesses a tremendously amazing victory rate of 81% – higher than any other clubs in the English Premier League. And though the challenge for Manchester United in this upcoming is Leicester City, there is a strong belief that the Red Devils can conquer the challenge.

Actually, there is another reason why Man United will win in the Boxing Day. Besides the high rate of victory, Manchester United also has a powerful streak of winning over Leicester City. In the previous total of 5 matches against Leicester, the Red Devils all won five of them.

The most recent one happened in this year July. The Manchester side dominated their opponent with the result of 2-0.

Leicester City, on the other hand, have lost 5 over 6 Boxing Day matches that they have played in. It seems like Boxing Day is a day for Man United’s fans to receive gift from their adoring club.

History and the high victory rate are quite convincing reasons why Manchester United can overcome Leicester City.

Manchester United currently is very humble for the title race of the English Premier League and a win over Leicester City will be a crucial victory to make a champion. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer denied to talk about the title race at this moment since there is another 5 months to fight for.

However, the Norwegian coach is looking forward to seeing his beloved club touch their hands on the trophy of the English Premier League for the first time since 2013.

But Leicester will also want 3 points on the Boxing Day. The gift for accomplishing the task will be a chance to become the number one contender for the title race belong side the reigning champion Liverpool.

Nonetheless, as it has been mentioned earlier, there are more than one reasons to be convinced why Manchester United has more advantage ahead their matches against Leicester City.

The Boxing Day is the favorite day of Man United, and the Red Devils usually leave the day with 3 points in advance. This victory rate is not simply a history or anything stuff like that. It is the legacy that a big club like Man United has built up throughout years.

We will see if the history repeats. But for now, we are quite assured that Manchester United has a reason to believe in a victory.

Press conference of Solskjaer before the match night. Video: Man United’s YouTube

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