Nguyen Duc Chien could miss the upcoming SEA Games in Vietnam after suffering from an ACL injury yesterday. He will be operated next week.

In the 61th minute, the match between Viettel and Thanh Hoa in the second round of V-League 2020-2021, Duc Chien went on a challenge against Paulo Pinto of Thanh Hoa. He fell on the ground, injured his knee and then was diagnosed to have an ACL injury. His left ACL was torn after that crash and he must undergo an operation next week.

The member of U22 Vietnam national team followed his national team fellows who suffered from ACL injury. Before him, Van Thanh, Dinh Trong, Duy Manh, Tuan Anh,… also suffered from an ACL injury. Viettel’s coach and Vietnam national coach will be under a huge pressure with this missing of Duc Chien.

The 1998-born player is a crucial part of Viettel and Vietnam national team. He is the cog player of both sides, showing a good flexibility between the back field and also the midfield. This ACL injury of Duc Chien can also cost him a chance to play at SEA Games 31, the tournament that will be held in Vietnam.

He was a member of U22 Vietnam national team won the gold medal of SEA Games 30 in the Philippines.

Though his injury is critical, Duc Chien will receive the best medical treatment provided by Viettel and their medical team. His operation will happen next week and he can start his recovery right from the beginning of February. Hopefully, he is still able to make it to SEA Games 31.

Nguyen Duc Chien, the complete warrior of Vietnam. Via: Next Sport
  • Nguyen Duc Chien: Born August. 24th, 1998, in Chi Linh, Hai Duong.
  • Favorite position: Center back, Center midfielder.
  • Height and weight: 1.84 m, 78 kg.
  • Current club: Viettel Nationality: Vietnam.
  • Trophies, achievements: V-League 2019/2020, Gold Medal of Sea Games 2019, participated in U20 World Cup.


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