The list of injured players at Liverpool has grown larger as Naby Keita suffered from muscular pain in his right foot.

Jurgen Klopp, the coach of Liverpool could not hide his disappointment as he described “the problem would not get smaller.” Naby Keita suffered from an injury is so unwanted at this time as the list of injured players at Liverpool is already enormous.

Liverpool grabbed three points from Leicester City last night and remained to be in the top two in the English Premier League table, but the triumph is not complete. Klopp has to replace Keita because of the hamstring’s pain. “[Keita] felt his hamstring and was not able to play on,” Klopp said.

Klopp said that the squad would have to keep moving on and they would have to recover from any issue. However, he could not be happy with what has happened to Keita. “We have to make sure we recover but the Naby injury didn’t help at all,” Klopp added.

Naby Keita suffered from another injury in the clash against Leicester City
Keita’s missing could be problematic to the whole squad, but Klopp assured about the team. Photo: AFP

Keita added to the massive injury list of Liverpool, but luckily, his players offer a solution in this hard time. Last night, Liverpool had a clash against Leicester City with a starting-11 that filled up with young players, but the team was able to claim a victory against Leicester City.

They got a margin of three goals and conceded no goals.

The performance was so well, that even though Keita suffered from an injury, Klopp assured that the club could find a solution. “That is what we expect from ourselves, injuries were a massive shock at that moment but the boys have to offer solutions,” Klopp said.

About Keita, it was his eighth time to join the injury list. Such a stroke of bad luck and a bad record of the International Guinea player!


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