Last night was an outstanding night of soccer, but not for the home team. Perhaps, it was the battle cry of Neymar and his teammates in the clash between Manchester United and PSG.

Manchester United was not a better team, in fact, the home team struggled for most of the time of the game. It was PSG that got the lead, thanks to the goal of Neymar in the 6th minute. Then Manchester United got an equalizer in the 38th minute. PSG and Manchester United continued to fight hard in the rest period of the game, but in the end, Neymar and his teammates sang the triumph in the land of the Englishman.

PSG started the game with a high pressure tactics at the beginning. The team from Paris wanted to push the home team right from the start so that they could claim the leading. Fortunately, they got what they planned for or perhaps wished for. Manchester United ran short behind after conceding a goal from PSG’s Neymar in the 6th minute.

It was a good teamwork between the young superstar of French football – Kylian Mbappe and the former captain of Brazil Olympic team – Neymar Jr. It was a skillful set piece between the duo, and the Brazilian striker ended it with a volley into the near corner of the goal. The ball was in the back of the David de Gea’s net, and it was PSG that got the advantage.

The rest of the first half was the own showcase of the visiting team. They maintained the high tempo and high pressure into the goal of Manchester United. The Red Devils got some noticeable highlights when Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial created few shots on goal.

However, it was not until the minute 38th that the home team scored an equalizer. Ultimately, the first half ended in drawn.

It was a tough fight between two teams. Photo: AFP

Even though the first half ended in drawn, PSG and Manchester United proved that they deserved to be called the tough rivalry of European soccer. There was a total of 30 fouls committed in this game between two teams. Manchester United conceded 10 fouls while the visiting team – PSG – received the referee’s whistle blow 20 times.

A harsh fight between players then consequently led to the red card of just only one player. Manchester United’s Fred did not have a good day for himself when the Brazilian midfielder was penalized a red card in the 70th minute. Manchester United then played the rest of the game with only 10 players on the ground, and it was impossible to make any impact against PSG with the premature squad.

Added to that, the visiting team just scored their second goal a minute right before Fred was penalized a red card.

The home team actually fought hard to make an overturn in 20 minutes, but it was Neymar again who ended the dream of Manchester United at the Theater of Dreams – Old Trafford. Ironically, the stage of the Red Devils became the park of the princes. PSG could have conceded a defeat at Parc des Princes, but in Old Trafford, they sang the triumph of victory.

PSG officially overcame the English side and earned for themselves the right to decide their own destiny. Meanwhile, Manchester United has lost their leading advantage and they will have to defeat German RB Leipzig in the next game in order to qualify for the next round.


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